Design Nutrition TestimonialsDesign Nutrition’s Magnesium and EJC-6000 – I can’t say enough good about them. They are miracle workers. It was concluded in May 2007 that my 20 year Tennessee Walk, gelding (Duke) was EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome).

From all my research, it appears EMS will explode arthritis if a horse already has it. That’s what happened with Duke. The arthritis exploded in his hocks and left shoulder; the pain coming on seemingly overnight.

Someone on an equine message board gave my the link for Design Nutrition and only said, “talk to this lady”. So, I sent off an email with a myriad of questions.

I was going to have to trust someone with Duke’s well-being. After reading and re-reading Sarah Davison’s immediate and in-depth response, I decided to put my trust in her Design Nutrition products.

I feel like Sarah Davison has not only saved Duke’s life with her excellent products, but she has given “the old Duke” back to me. He is back to bucking and playing and being his annoying alpha self in my herd of four.

His high level of energy is back, his pain is gone. For the first time since last Spring, Duke was able to stand for the farrier without quivering in pain — all thanks to the EJC-6— that he has been on since early summer. I can’t give Bute to Duke, but in hind-site that was the right thing because I saw the proof of just how good the EJC-6000 is.

Then there’s the magnesium for his EMS. In less than 10 days of being on the magnesium, the cresty neck was greatly reduced and his mane started to grow back.

All I did was brush him for the picture taken on 10-14-07 in the halter. His coat has a healthy shine now that he is back on track, so-to-speak. I feel it is important to note that his true liver chestnut coat came in this year for the first time in a few years. The color change in his coat was a very subtle warning that I overlooked. It took him losing nearly 100 pounds in about 6 weeks last Spring that I knew something was wrong.

Thankfully Duke has never foundered. I am confident I can maintain Duke’s present level of health for many years to come with the excellent products from Design Nutrition and the specialized diet that was created for him.

I can’t thank you enough for your diligence in creating products that actually work, don’t have fillers in them and are affordable!  ~ Judy Moore, Wartrace, TN

Design Nutrition TestimonialsI own a registered Arabian, who developed bone spavin when he was about 10 years old. I started training him for dressage as a four-year-old, and he did very well. By ten, he was starting to have pain in his hocks and I had him x-rayed by my vet who put him on Cosequin for hock arthritis. I have kept him on many joint products and he has had hock injections and was given Legend. He never was real comfortable. By 18 years I stopped doing dressage as he was too sore.

This summer I met Sarah Davison who has developed EJC6000, a joint supplement. I have used this product since spring and it is alleviating my horse’s hock pain better than any other product has. I would recommend this product to anyone whose horse has arthritic problems. ~ Carol Lindeman

Design Nutrition TestimonialsWe got Snickers as a gangly range-bred and raised colt at 16 months old. The photo of him older was taken on his 2nd birthday June 4, 2006.

We have used EJC6000 on Snickers since the day he arrived at our place. When Snickers got injured we were very glad we had been using the product because he sure needed the product to help with the healing process and our vet said it would take a full year or more for his leg to get better…I truly believe with EJC6000 in his system before the injury and continued use of it that Snickers has recuperated far better than anyone ever expected. I highly recommend the product and will continue its use on all my horses. ~ Diana

Design Nutrition TestimonialsDear Sarah,

I wanted to write to you and let you know how wonderfully effective your product EJC6000 is. We are so lucky to have found this product. I have tried many of the “tried and true” brands, and they were not even close in effectiveness.

We have a rescue operation here called Miracles of Motion, and deal with many throw-away horses, most of them have moderate to severe joint problems.  Because of the use of your product on these poor old guys, they are now back to themselves, on trail rides and in competition even!

I have sent some pictures of these guys, that we have rescued, Please know that your product is instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of these horses, to the happy, healthy state they are in.

Thank you Sarah, and EJC6000, from both the horses and the kids who now get to enjoy them! ~ Rachel Spry/MOM

P.S. With winter approaching and living here in Minnesota, we really need you! EJC6000 prevents a lot of pain for these guys, and even the babies, to ready their joints for the years of MN living to come.

Design Nutrition TestimonialsI have been feeding my 17-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding Merlin the ECJ6000 Joint supplement for almost a year now. I feed one scoop with his morning feed and one scoop with his evening feed.

Before I started using ECJ6000 I had tried other joint supplements and I just was not seeing the results I wanted to. I wanted to keep Merlin on a joint supplement that WORKED because he would be stiff and stocked up in the mornings when I would take him out of his stall. Also, on rides, I would hear what sounded like his shoulder “clicking” every 10th step or so, and I was a little worried about that.

I must say that ECJ6000 is a wonderful supplement and after sticking with it for this long the results speak for themselves. Merlin is not as stocked up in the mornings, when I lead him out of his stall in the mornings he is not so stiff anymore, and the clicking in his shoulder has gone away. Merlin moves and acts like a 5-year-old!

I am so happy with this product I will never go back to anything else. This combination of ingredients really works well for my horse, and I have found that the price is extraordinarily reasonable.

Sarah Joy Davison is also a pleasure to do business and she treats me as a valuable customer, which is a nice benefit I did not get when I bought supplements from much larger companies. ~ Sarah Simmons, Newnan, GA

Design Nutrition TestimonialsTucker was afraid of big people, but he made friends with Matthew. Design Nutrition products kept him from chronic founder. ~ SJL

Design Nutrition TestimonialsI found your product back in the early stages of your business through Ebay. I have a 7-year-old – 17 hand Friesian (Wybren) that had a leg break above the canon/sesamoid at about 6 weeks of age. He was also mildly prone to OCD. I have used your product on and off since I found it. I can tell the difference when he is on it. Wybren
has a lot of heart and flash and loves to show off. Your EJC6000 makes it easier for him to move.

Design Nutrition TestimonialsI have found that your product is the best value on the market and the easiest product to dose. The scoop is so small and the canisters are such a good deal. It’s not very often that you can spend $50 for a product that will actually last 2 months. It is more common to spend $50 for a month.
I’m so thankful that you created this product and that I found it. It would be very heartbreaking to NOT see Wybren strut his stuff. ~ Jackie

“I highly recommend this supplement. There has been a noticeable improvement in each of my older horses. It is economical, easy to feed and a great alternative to the more expensive products”
Patt Ladd, CT

“We are very pleased with the results and would like to continue using it on our horses that so desperately need joint supplements.”
Jodi Grey, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation FL

“Very fast shipping, will tell my friends about this product. Thanks!”
P.B., CO