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Magnesium Oxide – A trace mineral used in many metabolic functions. Primarily used for cresty and laminitic horses who exhibit signs of insulin resistance.

Magnesium is the most ignored of all the key minerals and deficiencies are likely widespread. Soil types, grass types (especially legumes like alfalfa or clover), and environmental problems (acid rain) all contribute. Magnesium is involved in literally hundreds of enzyme reactions, including those needed to properly process glucose. It is a well-known fact that diabetics are commonly deficient in magnesium and magnesium increases insulin sensitivity. It is also important for stabilizing cell membranes and membranes inside cells. I will often help alleviate allergic reactions. Finally, magnesium can desensitize the vessels to thromboxane so that they relax and do no go into spasm. ~ Dr. Eleanor Kellon, Technical Editor

One scoop contains 4,000 mg of pure Magnesium Oxide. A therapeutic dose is 2 scoops (8,000) per day. A maintenance dose is 1 (4,000) scoop per day. There are 360 grams in each container, 90 servings at maintenance dose.

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