MSM Anti-Inflammatory


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When pain management is the only reasonable outcome, use MSM to help your horse be more comfortable. Meant for long-term use and completely non-toxic.

This is a new factory sealed 600g container of 100% pure MSM (Methysulfonymenthne). This is a 60 day supply, just use it as a top dressing on sweet feed. Each serving provides 10,000 mg of 100% pharmaceutical grade MSM. Compare this product with all other Equine MSM products and you will see that nothing comes close for the money.

Two scoops contain 10,000 mg. of 99.9% pure MSM (Methysulfonymenthne). A therapeutic dose is 4 scoops (20,000) per day. A maintenance dose is 2 scoops (10,000) per day. There are 600 grams in each container, 60 servings at maintenance dose.


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